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Myst Online: URU Live Again - Build 918 is Live!

It's been awhile since the last major update, but Cyan Worlds and hardworking fans have done it again.  A new build, 918, has been released for the masses to enjoy...with a ton of nice under-the-hood fixes!

Here's some of those bugs that have been conveniently squashed (as quoted from Chogon):

- Allow clickables while sitting or AFK
- Fixed various JPEG issues (see special note below)
- Free the cursor
- Fixed improper calculated initial window size
- Improved cursor
- Removed broken share from Sharper's Office link
- Fixed GreatZero stain glass to be random
- Avatar physics overhaul (affecting leaves in Kadish, rocks in Teledahn and much much more)
- Fixed pellet point stealing
- Fixed some security risks (ask a low-level NSA contractor for details)
- Bink removed!!! (The Cyan logo and the Yeesha intro movie will no longer play)

To download, simply start up your current MOULa client and let it download the new one.

For a full list and description of all the fixes, click here

NOTE: this fix will also "break" the images of your avatars that display on the login screen.  To fix them, head over here to download a program that will do just that (there's versions for both Windows and Mac). Weiterlesen

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All Guilds Meeting - June 2013

The first day of June...and that means the first All Guilds Meeting of the (unofficial start of) summer!  Many presentations this month, which you can read about in both the raw and cleansed chatlogs, as well as this handy summary below:

Cavern Theater

Zeke365 came up first to talk a bit about his new project, the Cavern Theater, a talent show that can include stories, karaoke, short plays, and more.  Anyone is welcome to participate.  The first event will be June 21st at 21:00 KI time.  Read more about the project here.

D'nipalooza 2013

I.H.P.X. was next to present for the International Hood, introducing a festival event dubbed D'nipalooza, where they intend to feature several musicians for the purpose of raising funds for the CAVCON.  Read more about it at this forum thread if interested. Weiterlesen

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Guild of Writers Releases New CWE Build

Some good news for programmers out there... the Guild of Writers/H'uru has once again begun to post new builds of the Engine (CWE) for all to use! The public releases had to be stopped awhile back due to licensing issues, but the problem was recently solved and work has resumed!

For those not technically inclined, CWE is the game engine that runs Myst Online: URU Live Again and was released as open source over two years ago. Many of the fixes Cyan Worlds, Inc. has incorporated since have been derived from various programmers' work with the engine. In addition to the client, you can also download the Max 2012 Plugin for Age creation, based on the plugin Cyan used to create Uru's Ages.

The old builds had to be removed due to the aforementioned licensing problems, so a new thread has been started for all future build releases. For any questions, read Hoikas' original post and ask your questions there.

A big thank you to all those programmers out there who continue to improve and expand MO:ULa for us all!

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Großes Gildentreffen - Mai 2013

[Anmerkung: Wir konnten rekonstruieren was in unseren Logs verloren war! Speziellen Dank an Christian Walther, Korov'ev und KathAveara für ihre Hilfe!]

Shorah alle miteinander! Ein weiteres Großes Gildentreffen ist vorbei und hoffentlich war jeder da. Falls nicht, hier sind die üblichen originalen und bereinigten Chatlogs um jeden auf den neuesten Stand zu bringen.

Das war los:

Höhlen Touren

Zeke365 sprach über die letzten organisierten Veranstaltungen um Leute über die verschiedenen Orte in der Höhle und Zeitalter und der begleitenden Geschichte zu unterrichten. Zusammen mit r'Tayrtahn und Stone werden sie ihre letzte Tour der Saison am Donnerstag, dem 7. Mai, um 22:00 KI-Zeit veranstalten (die Leute sollen sich ab 21:30 oben an der großen Treppe in Ae'gura versammeln). Weitere Touren sind für den Herbst geplant, außerdem eine oder zwei zu europafreundlicheren Zeiten. Weiteres gibt es in diesem MOUL-Forum Thema hier. (OU)

 Christian Walther  und rarified kamen um OU zu repräsentieren. Sie warten immer noch darauf, dass Cyan den letzten Stapel von Updates implementiert und die Inhalts-Lizensierung abschließt. Bleibt dran!

Guild of Writers (GoW) [Gilde der Autoren] Weiterlesen

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Gehn.15 Goes Live

The Guild of Writers has been hard at work on their latest update to Gehn Shard, and today, they have released it for all to enjoy!  The update also includes some new content: a new area of the cavern and another stained glass design for Tre'bivdil!  Here's a full list of changes:

  • Add Fehnir House
  • Add Tweek's Tre'bivdil stained glass
  • Fix Teledahn mining gun FOV refresh issue
  • Fix telescope FOV insanity
  • Fix many potential server crashes
  • Fix more spurious apostrophes in age names
  • Fix Phil's Relto naming
  • Improve kickable behavior (the server no longer swallows ownership messages)
  • Randomize Neighborhood stained glass designs
  • Compound Inert Tessellations

To download, simply run the client as normal.  Still need to sign up?  Head over to this thread for the installer and instructions on how to use it.  Congratulations to the GoW for another solid update!